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26th-Apr-2008 12:47 pm - "What the heck?"
In case anyone was wondering: Since andythesaint and theskooch stepped down as mods, I'm going to be reposting some indexes so I can have access to editing them. We used to divide indexing among the three of us, but now it's all mine (whoo!). Alas, LJ won't let me edit their entries (dang!), so I have to repost them. Just ignore me while I work out the kinks, I'm fairly new to editing on Livejournal.
Under Couch
Well after I saw Be Kind Rewind, Semi Pro, and I Think I Love My Wife this past month I realized I really enjoy shitty movies. The movies these 5 guys make are usually pretty bad but I laugh and find them entertaining. I hope everyone has lists like these whether it’s music, TV, movies, or anything really. Sometimes you just can’t explain why you like crap but hopefully this helps.
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24th-Mar-2008 08:39 pm - Another mod announcement
Much like andythesaint's post last week, my post here is basically stating the same thing, though in a much less eloquent fashion. I haven't posted a movie review in months now, mostly because it was getting to a point where I wasn't enjoying watching movies anymore. I was also delaying watching other movies because I felt that as one of the moderators of this community, it was my duty to be a shining example to the rest of the members by reviewing as much as possible. Therefore I'd watch movies, and they'd go into the review queue and I wouldn't watch more because I'd want to take care of the other already watched movies.

At some point, I just lost my desire to write reviews. I can actually pinpoint it two separate events. The first was reaching the 1000 keywords limit for an LJ community. That literally took the wind out of my sails. I'd always seen the community as having the limitless potential to grow and when we hit that plateau, I saw that we'd have to eliminate tags if we wanted to continue to grow. Everyone might not see the point to having tags for Bruce McGill, Jon Polito and so on, but those character actors are often more productive and more entertaining than the big stars. We did a bit of tag-slimming-down, but I saw that as a step backwards, and I started to ask myself why I would keep doing this if it's unable to grow?

The second thing was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I fucking hated that movie, hated it so much that I didn't want to waste a minute more of my time on it.

So where do we go from here? I'm not sure about mikey_iaco's intentions regarding staying on as a moderator for the community. For me, well, in all honesty I'd love to pass the community on to someone or someones that have a desire to continue to make the community grow with new, fresh ideas. It would kind of break my heart a bit if I came back in six months and saw that it was essentially no more. However, I understand if no one would be interested in what can essentially feel like a thankless job at times, what with LJ basically just treading water at this current time in regards to being relevant. If anyone is interested, hey, feel free to drop me a comment on here and we'll see if we can work something out. If no one is interested, well ... we'll cross that bridge if we get to it I guess.

Also, fuck Facebook.
Austrian filmmaker, Michael Haneke, sure thinks a lot of his "ideas". He has come to the conclusion that people have not only become desensitized to violence, but that we crave it in our cinema. And that makes us jerks. Jerks who must be punished. By him.

The punishment comes in the form of Funny Games, a film deemed so important by the filmmaker, that he made it twice: First in 1997 in his native country and then again in 2008, shot for shot and in English, because he knows that many Americans would miss an Austrian film. Well, it turns out most Americans will miss the film in English. I am among the unhappy few.

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15th-Mar-2008 09:20 pm - Announcement from a Mod
digital me
Three and a half years ago, theskooch and I were killing time during our shift at a now-defunct music store, coming up with various top five lists (e.g., "name your top five John Cusack movies", "Top Five Hitman movies", etc). Even back then, I was more committal while he didn't want to comment on things he hadn't seen. Skooch had just recently started his LJ, and was mulling over starting an LJ community, so he had a eureka moment, then went home and created this place we call topfive_reviews. I would then contribute the first list in the history of the community that night (I believe it was Top Five Colours to Use for This Community, and true to form, Skooch completely ignored all five suggestions).

The place would grow from five or so of us humouring Skooch and having fun coming up with quickie lists, to a place with almost 3000 posts, thousands of tags, and over 100 members. In that time, I feel like I've become a better writer, have found a greater attachment to music and movies as a result of my attempts to critique them and the input of those who have posted here, and "met" some interesting people on this weird place called the internet. It's been a fun ride, but one I feel I must now exit.

I recently took a two week vacation, and in that time, one post appeared here. Before that, I'd say the great majority of posts here have come from me, even if you exclude community business like T5R Survivor posts. This hasn't escaped my notice, forcing me to come to terms with the fact that the days of this being a place where different people post reviews and lists, while not yet completely over, are at least numbered. It was never my intention for this place to be another repository for my writing, since I already have a blog for that.

It isn't my intention for this to serve as a scolding for those that aren't posting. This was always a place for people who enjoyed doing it, so it's perfectly understandable if you have found another way to spend your leisure time. Just because writing reviews is still my hobby doesn't mean that it should still be yours. I also think the downturn in both posts and comments around here is indicative of the fact that LiveJournal just isn't the same place it used to be, and is no longer the favoured online hang out spot it used to be. Still, being one of the few voices around here has made me feel a bit like the guy who stays too long at the party after most everyone else has left.

So I will no longer be serving as moderator, nor will I continue to post here, but I think I'll stick around as a member to read whatever you all may continue to post here. Although I won't be posting here any longer, I still will continue to write reviews and such about pop culture (as it still remains my hobby), so on the off chance any of you were members here because you enjoyed reading my posts, feel free to friend me if you haven't already (you can check out my latest review of The Other Boleyn Girl in the process).

Other that, I bid you all adieu and thank everyone for the fun I've had here for the past 3.5 years.
15th-Mar-2008 01:58 am - Movie Review: I Am Legend (2007)
I Am Legend

The latest theatrical version of the book of the same name, I Am Legend is why Will Smith is the only movie star left in Hollywood. I say all that because Will Smith, as far as I am concerned, can pretty much carry any movie. I sat through I, Robot, a thoroughly mediocre film made watchable by Will Smith, to find that out. For I Am Legend on the other hand Will Smith gets help from the director the outstanding special effects and Abby the Dog.

14th-Mar-2008 11:19 am - A Most Unexpected Comedy
A friend of mine recently stated that he does not care for most comedies because he always sees the punchline coming. In order for him to enjoy a comedy, he must be surprised by the joke. In that case, I truly believe that he would LOVE The Brothers Solomon.

The titular brothers, John (Will Arnett, Arrested Development) and Dean (Will Forte, Saturday Night Live), were raised by their father (Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Man, of course) in the Arctic, having moved there on a whim after the death of their mother. As a result of their isolation, their social skills leave much to be desired. This proves to be a problem when it comes to dating. When their father falls into a coma, after expressing a desire for grandchildren, the brothers surmise that the only way to save him is to become fathers themselves. But how?! Cue the socially awkward hyjinks!

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8th-Mar-2008 03:06 am - Review of "Naked"
NAKED (1993)

Directed by Mike Leigh
Written by Mike Leigh
Starring David Thewlis, Lesley Sharp, Katrin Cartlidge, Greg Cruttwell and Claire Skinner

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T5R Survivor
Surprise, surprise

The game is over, and Ocean's Eleven has been declared the winner of T5R Survivor - George Clooney Edition. After the cut is the definitive T5R George Clooney Top Five.
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26th-Feb-2008 01:54 pm - Semi-Pro is Semi-Funny
I used to think that the hardest reviews to write were those for films that I really loved. There are, it seems, far fewer interesting ways to say you love a film than to say it stinks. As Harvey Danger says, "Happiness writes white".

It turns out that there is a harder review to write: Those for films that are just OK. Will Farrell's new period-piece sports comedy, Semi-Pro, is just that.Read MoreCollapse )
T5R Survivor
The Top Three.

O Brother! Where Art Thou? was eliminated to finish third. It is now time to decide what the winning movie will be for this edition of T5R Survivor. Remember: you are now voting for which movie you'd like to win, not for which movie you want to eliminate.

Poll #1144313 T5R Survivor - George Clooney Edition: Final

Which movie should win T5R Survivor: George Clooney Edition?

Out of Sight (1998) should win
Ocean's Eleven (2001) should win
Phillip Seymour Hoffman looks like a creepy stalker here.

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Ned Beatty, Emily Blunt

Directed by: Mike Nichols
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ALT comments that aren't witty, guaranteed
Even though it's easily accessible to anyone who has a web browser with a Back button, this post is announcing the winners of the 2nd Annual Top Five Reviews Members Only Oscars Poll. As I'll be watching/enduring the Oscars all night, I'll be updating this with the actual Oscar Award winners... and possibly some snark as well.
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When you waste this much time on a graphic, you have to re-use it

Welcome to part two of the Andy Movie Awards, filled with the major awards that people care about, and the lesser ones they sneak in between while the stars are off doing interviews and such. Don't think of this as an overly long post stuffed with filler, think of it as 18 year end lists for the price of one!

To see part one, go here.
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When you waste this much time on a graphic, you have to re-use it

It's that time, once again, where your's truly breaks down who would be nominated for and win film awards if I were the only voter. As the title suggests, this is the fourth year in a row I've done this, with each year growing a bit bigger and more obsessive. This year, there were 39 different feature-length movies to receive Academy Award nominations, not including the Best Foreign Language category (which was made up exclusively of films that have yet to be released in North America). Of those 39, I saw 31 of them, which roughly equals 80%. The ones I missed include Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, Taxi to the Dark Side, and War Dance in the documentary category, as they haven't come to my neck of the woods yet, Enchanted and August Rush in the Best Original Song category (because I don't accept it as a legitimate category), Best Original Score nominee The Kite Runner (the only film I missed that I might have seen if I had a bit more time), Best Makeup nominee Norbit (because, well, come on), and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, nominated for Best Makeup and Visual Effects (since I haven't seen any of the Pirates movies). In all, I've seen 73 feature length films that were released in North America in 2007 (see the full list here, which probably makes me a more informed voter than most of the Academy.

To make this a little easier on readers (and thus, hopefully, create some readers and maybe even commenters), I'm breaking this year's awards up into two posts. So take in part one now, then come back for the finale, which will include the winner for Best Picture. For now, let's get all the seat-fillers in place, and start the show...

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Stars- Nightsongs

This is the first of what, I hope, will be reviews of Stars’ four albums and so I begin with Nightsongs, the first album released by Stars. At the
time there were only two members in the band, Torquil Campbell and Chris Seligman, though later members did contribute.

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