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Before Sunset (2004)

Sooooo... is your life as miserable as mine turned out to be?

The Cast
Ethan Hawke .... Jesse
Julie Delpy .... Celine

I also believe there was a cat named Che somewhere in there too. This is the sequel to Before Sunrise, Richard Linklater's 1995 movie that involved a lot of talking & walking between the same two characters. It's nine years later & Jesse's promoting a book he wrote about that one night he shared with Celine. He's in Paris, the last stop on his book tour, when he runs into Celine again.

Let me just tell you right now, if you don't enjoy movies with loads of dialogue, this movie is light years beyond anything you'd like. There's no explosions, there's barely any car chases (actually there's none, but there is a car), there is a boat which they go for a ride on. This movie ain't about those sorta things. It's about relationships, romance, expectations, heartbreak, disappointments, love, fucking, children, the environment, literature, the art of good conversation, & more.

Hawke & Delpy don't look too much different than how they appeared nine years ago, other than normal aging (though Hawke did look a bit pasty, maybe still stressed from the divorce from Uma). That helps in the telling of one of the most natural, neccessary movie sequels ever made, & at about 80 minutes, it's easily digestable for even the most jaded movie fan.

Most movie sequels exist merely to cash in on previous financial success. Before Sunset exists to cater to everyone who wondered what the hell happened six months after Before Sunrise, nine long years ago? Did Jesse meet Celine like they promised one another they would? This movie answers that question & when it ends, it leaves you with another. I believe I like this movie more than I did Before Sunrise, only because I feel I'm at that stage in my life. 5 outta 5.

Roger Ebert's review of Before Sunset (2004)
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