October 18th, 2004


Raw Ramblings - 10 / 18 / 2004

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Meh. I do have the night off tomorrow night, but I think I'll just keep track of Taboo Tuesday online. Not THAT interested, based on what happened tonight. Because, despite everything WWE did tonight, if the voting's legit, none of it could matter right?

The Skooch's Votes for Taboo Tuesday
- World Title match : Benoit (Edge doesn't deserve it)
- Flair / Orton match: steel cage
- Kane / Snitsky: steel chair
- IC Title match: Hurricane (why not? Might as well speed up the heel turn)
- Eugene / Bischoff: servant
- Diva Battle Royal: fuck.. school girl
- Christy / Carmella: Lingerie Pillow Fight (I don't want anyone to get hurt here)
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Top 5 Edward Zwick films

Oh, so that's what Ed Zwick looks likeIt's been awhile since we've done a top five for a director, so I pretty much picked one at random that I've seen enough of to do a quality list. It's not that I'm a huge fan of Ed Zwick as a director, but I've seen his major five films and liked them. The project he's done that I love the most was the TV show Once and Again. But I don't mix TV and movies for lists. For those curious, other directors who have received top fives include Kevin Smith, Ed Burns, Steven Speilberg, the Coen Brothers, Cameron Crowe, and the Farrelly Brothers. The only Zwick theatrical releases I haven't seen are About Last Night... and Leaving Normal. On to the list...

5. Legends of the Fall (this is a pretty good movie, shot around where I live, and it's only number five. I guess this means that Zwick has done some pretty good movies)
4. Glory (this is probably a better movie than the next couple, but I personally like the other ones better. Denzel is awesome in Glory, but Denzel is always good)
3. The Siege (watching this now, if you didn't know that it was released in 1998, you'd think it was pretty opportunistic. Instead, it's prophetic. When it came out, it took a lot of flack for being anti-Muslim, which was obviously from people who hadn't actually watched the movie. No one would care now)
2. The Last Samurai (I really liked this movie. Sure, it's problematic that a white American is the focus on a movie about samurai, but I wouldn't have ever watched it otherwise. Andy doesn't watch foreign fims)
1. Courage Under Fire (I'm not sure if this is a better film than The Last Samurai, but it's one of my favs. I listed it as Denzel's best performance, and have watched it dozens of times. I've only seen Samurai once. It's not the doing shit that gets to you. It's the consequences. Imagine a life without consequences)