March 1st, 2006


New Mod!

Just a little note to let all the members of the community know that we've promoted mikey_iaco up to Moderator level. Therefore, in the next couple days or so, there might be a few re-postings of indexes under his name. We're going to try and space it out a bit, so there's not a full flood of them on your LJ Friends pages. Thank you for your patience once again.

In case you don't actually visit the homepage of the community, at topfive_reviews we keep our posts fairly well organised. On the right side of the page are links to a variety of indexes for pretty much every post made in the community. As well, on the bottom right side of the page are a list of keywords that make searching fun or whatever.

So once again, congrats to mikey_iaco! As to all the other members, I'm still hoping to see more Oscar-themed Top Five lists or past Best Picture winners. Thanks.