June 4th, 2006


Best Movie EVER 2006 Tournament: Round 3, Division 1

We're now down to 24 movies in the Best Movie EVER 2006 Tournament. Three divisions of brackets have been randomly drawn, which will see the winners of all three divisions face off in the Final Round in a few weeks. With the inclusion of the five triple-nominated movies, every movie that's been nominated has finally been inserted into the tournament.

There have been a few new members joining up here at T5R and we welcome more with open arms. Feel free to pass this community on to others on your Friends list, or just invite them to vote in the tournament. Also, just because the tournament's going on doesn't mean it's not business as usual here. Feel free to post any form of pop culture review you like, or hell, even one of those rare Top Five lists. I was thinking up a Top Five Movies that weren't nominated for this year's tournament list. Anyways, on to the matchups!
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