January 13th, 2007

  • jasona1

JA1 Presents: South Park: The Complete Seventh Season

3-disc set; 15 episodes (330 minutes)

When “South Park” premiered back in the halcyon days of 1997, I don’t think a lot of people thought it’d be on nearly as long as it has been. This was the season in which the show hit the 100 episode mark, ultimately priming it for a lucrative run in syndication (which it is currently in as a matter of fact).

Here are season seven’s 15 episodes, denoted by airdate:

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  • moohawk

DVD Game Review - Deal or No Deal

While in Wal-mart (sadly the only decent store to shop at in Whitecourt) my roommate and I decided to pick up a copy of the DVD game for Deal or No Deal.  Said roommate enjoys the show and decided it could be fun.  Now, onto the review.

For those of you who don't know Deal or No Deal (in other words, if you don't watch much television), basically there's 26 briefcases each with different dollar amounts from $0.01 to $1,000,000.  You pick one of the cases number 1 - 26, which is your case for the duration of the game.  From there in you start picking cases to remove dollar amounts that you aren't going to get as your final prize.  You pick 6 cases, then 5, the four and so on.  Also, as each case is removed you see dollar amounts being removed, so if you pull the $250,000 you know that and, naturally, this could effect you later decision as well as when you deal with the banker.  Speaking of which, after each round of picking the "banker" offers you an amount of money between the lowest amount and the highest amount left. This is when the Deal or No Deal part comes in, you either accept the bankers offer (Deal) or don't accept the bankers offer (No Deal).  The game finishes when you've either run out of cases or you accept the bankers Deal. 

Overall it's a relatively fun game.  We actually got right into it, wincing as big numbers we revealed in cases that weren't ours and celebrating as small numbers disappeared.  The negatives we found after 1 game in 2 player mode were 1)You need to scroll through the case numbers as opposed to seeing them all at once, 2) Our DVD player seems to take a bit to respond to our commands, 3) Howie Mandel is only good in small quantities (or on Bobby's World when I was too young to know better).

Other than that we had lots of fun, somehow I managed to pick the $500,000 case in my first go.  Oh, and also, if you have fat fingers, be sure you press your buttons carefully.  My fingers aren't even close to chubby and I picked deal instead of no deal (My last cases were 200,000 and 500,000) because of a faulty button press. 

(Later noted: In the second round my roommate had PICKED the $1,000,000 case but walked away with the $350,000 offer from the banker... on the outside I winced, on the inside, I was doing a happy dance.  I lost the game anyway, my case was $300,000.  Oh, and also, we discovered I'm competitive to a point it's almost unhealthy, so it's good I'm unbeaten at Scene It! thus far.)

Rating - 3.5 / 5