June 14th, 2007

T5R Survivor

T5R Survivor - Tom Hanks Edition Round Nine

Crying?!? yada, yada.

The tiebreaker is over, and A League of Their Own has been eliminated, giving us our elite eight. Hey, do you find yourself thinking "with all this Tom Hanks stuff going on, I wonder what other Tom Hanks content they have around here?" Well, in the incredibly unlikely event that you have had that thought, I'm here to tell you that you can see all of the community's Tom Hanks content, including reviews and top five lists, by clicking on the tom_hanks tag.

And if you were going to add any content of your own, it would join those 25 posts. So go nuts!
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Serenity misbehave

Top 5 Celebrity Cameos as Themselves in Movies

Celebrity cameos as themselves are a delicate thing. When done right, they can add a nice bit of winking humour. Done wrong, they add a tiresome element of winking humour. Add the fact that not all celebrity cameos are done by actors, and things can get messy. Still, some are pretty fun. And some are even sublime. These are the best (or, at least the best five I could come up with).
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