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Top 5 Pixar films

Now that I've seen them all, this list was a natural conclusion (in fact, it's the driving force behind my finally seeing A Bug's Life. Pixar has put out 6 feature films, all of which have been of high quality, meaning that one of them will be getting the shaft. Right now, I'm a little weary of their upcoming film Cars, but I'm confident that it will start to look better when we see actual trailers with actual clips instead of teasers with animation created for the teasers.

5. Monsters, Inc.- A really cute and funny film revealing the secret lives of monsters. Boo is probably the cutest little thing Pixar has ever put on screen.
4. Toy Story 2- An excellent sequel that recaptured the magic of the original, while providing nice additions with Wayne Knight as the toy collector, Joan Cusack as a cowgirl toy, and Kelsey Grammer as Stinky Pete.
3. Toy Story- As fun as the sequel was, it doesn't match the magic of the original for me, which blew me away at a time when I thought I was too cool for animated movies.
2. Finding Nemo- A brilliant, dazzling display of the candy-coloured underwater world of fish. Here's my review HERE.
1. The Incredibles- I absolutely LOVED this film. One of the best of the year. It had more action, heart, drama, and pathos than most of the live action movies put out in the past ten years. Plus, super heros. Which rules.
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