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The Longest Yard (2005)

Anyone else think having Deliverance's Burt Reynolds in a prison movie is a bad idea?

The Cast
Adam Sandler .... Paul Crewe
Chris Rock .... Caretaker Farrell
Burt Reynolds .... Coach Nate Scarborough
Michael Irvin .... Deacon Moss
Nelly .... Earl Megget
David Patrick Kelly .... Unger
Terry Crews .... Cheeseburger Eddy
Nicholas Turturro .... Brucie
Bill Goldberg .... Joey Battle
William Fichtner .... Captain Knauer
Kevin Nash .... Guard Engleheart
Steve Austin .... Guard Dunham
Brian Bosworth .... Guard Garner
James Cromwell .... Warden Hazen

Directed by Peter Segal (this being his third straight Sandler-headlined movie), The Longest Yard is a remake of 1974's The Longest Yard, which starred Burt Reynolds as well. Other than printing money, there's no real valid reason for that movie to have been remade, but here it is! Having never seen the original, I have nothing but other sports / prison movies to compare it to. Oh, & Adam Sandler movies as well, goodie.

I'm not a Sandler fan, mostly because I know how talented he actually is & he lowers himself constantly to a lowest common denominator humour level for his fanbase. But you know, he can wipe his ass with a thousand dollar bill, so kudos to him. Normally I don't think I'd be all that interested in this movie, but this one has former wrestlers in it! Nash, Austin & Goldberg, three former WWE World Champions, all playing football players, & playing them well I might add, Nash bringing the funny, Austin bringing the redneck menace, & Goldberg bringing... the huge cocked Jewish guy jokes... I guess.

If I'm surprised by anything, it's that I actually enjoyed this movie, & not just because of the brilliant casting of Kevin Nash (seriously, probably the funniest guy in the movie). It was a predictable sports movie, no Mystery, Alaska realistic ending or anything. The good guys... errrr.. the bad guys win, & that's completely fine, because an Adam Sandler movie can't end with the audience going home unhappy.

This movie honestly never had me clock-watching, & I've clock-watched Chasing Amy before. It's a pretty fun, sports comedy with charm & a little bit of heart in it too. All the acting was great or passable, the action was filmed excellently, it's a pretty solid film.

My biggest gripe is that it calls back to old Sandler films far too much, making it feel even less like an original movie. I mean, I know it's a remake & all, but half the time I thought I was watching The Waterboy 2: Prison League. Anyways, I sincerely enjoyed this movie & will probably watch it again at some point, which is far more than I can say for 80% of Sandler's other films. This one would easily be in the Top Five Sandler Films List. 4 outta 5.
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