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Top 5 Pirate Terms

This photo is rated arrrr!As today be t' proper holiday t' celebrate t' speech o' t' pirate, it be only fittin' t' do a list in its honour. For those who don't know, September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day (although, it appears that Aussies also recognise t' 23rd as this day). o' course, those o' you who don't know be scurvy dogs. Here be t' best terms t' use on this most special o' days.

5. Me Bucko- This be a term symbolisin' familiarity or friendship. Call your best mates "me bucko" today, and, perhaps, every day hence.

4. Matey- This be a way t' address someone in a friendly fashion. Pirate ninjas have adjusted t' term t' "matey-san".

3. Yo ho ho- I have no idea what this means. But just try and say it and not have fun. Ye can't can ye? Modern usage o' t' term "ho" has made this even more fun t' say, especially if sayin' it t' a wench.

2. Chum bucket- Officially, this be just a bucket that holds chum, which be used in fishin'. But, I think it sounds dirty, and will use it as an awesome derogatory term (mostly cause o' t' K sound). Other accepted insults be bilge rat, scurvy dog, and lubber.

1. Arrr- Yarrr also be acceptable. These be all purpose, and best used if you can't think o' anythin' else piratey t' say today. Just throw in an arrr and everythin' will be fine.

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