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I have been working on this for a while. I thought I would give you the 5 types/genres of music I enjoy listening to most and the top five bands/artists within those genres that I listen to most or think highly of. So we will start with genre #5…

5. Rap

I started listening to rap mid 1996. I bought up every CD that came out no matter who it was, unless it was Bad Boy. I was a big supporter of Death Row and Tupac. The music was more of the interest for me than the lyrics, I loved the beats. Don’t get me wrong the lyrics were important but I could tune out bad lyrics if a good beat was playing. For instance “Whoa” from Black Rob was a decent song but horrible lyrics. I probably stopped listening to it once guys like Jay Z, Puffy, and DMX took over. I preferred to listen to how tough it was in the ghetto and killing people than how much money and bitches they have.

5. Eminem – I just ripped his first 3 CD’s to my Ipod and I must admit his third Album wasn’t very good. However, the first two are awesome. Good beats, good rhymes, some laughs, pretty raunchy, and not too much filler. We have Dr. Dre to thank for Eminem and the next artist on my list.

4. Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle may be the greatest rap album ever made. Every track is top quality. He is starting to suck a bit now too but maybe it’s because I just don’t like rap much anymore. It’s funny you wont see Dr. Dre on this list but almost every artist on this list was partly fucking awesome because of Dre.

3. Ice Cube – I own a couple of his early albums and I must admit I was introduced to him quite late but I love his delivery and voice. When I was in Junior High NWA was banned from the school. So the cool kids copied it to blank tapes so that teachers would not confiscate them. I must admit I really liked NWA and they almost made the list but when I looked at NWA I realized just Dre and Ice Cube were the guys I liked so I decided to put Cube on at # 3. If you get a chance listen to Death Certificate and AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted again or for the first time they are quite spectacular.

2. Wu-Tang Clan – I had to put them at number 2. The only album that might compare with Doggystyle is 36 Chambers. The other two Wu albums are not as good but how could they be. The reason that the Clan hits number 2 on my list is I actually liked their solo work too. Ghostface is by far the best of the bunch. Inspectah Deck, GZA, RZA, and Method Man would round out my top five with U-God and Cappadonna just missing the top five.

1. Tupac – Of course Tupac is number one on my list. I was obsessed with the man. I bought two of his post mortem albums, and I own every movie of his on VHS except Gang Related. If he was on a track of some other artist’s CD I would buy the whole CD just for the one track. When California Love would come on at the Club me and the homies would G it up. I would of liked to see where his career would have gone if he did not die so young. Also, I blame his death and that of B.I.G. for destroying the rap genre totally.
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