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Top 5 Reviews: 70's Songs

TOP 5 - 1970's Songs

What a tough choice. Thanks to all my friends' older brothers for introducing me to these songs.

NEXT LIST: Songs I was alive for

TOP 5 1970's SONGS
written/reviewed by Kenny Anderson
05: I'm Eighteen
Written By: Alice Cooper
Available On: Love It To Death (1971)

This was my childhood anthem as I awaited the day I'd be old enough to buy cigarettes and porno. The song became even more relevant when I discovered it was vaguely about going off to Vietnam. The greatest pro-war song ever.

04: Any Colour You Like
Written By: David Gilmour, Rick Wright & Nick Mason
Available On: The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

Huh? The instrumental? Why? Because it psychadelically manages to tie two masterpiece songs together while remaining ambiguous. This remains the only song that makes me want to smoke pot. 70's = this song.

03: Won't Get Fooled Again
Written By: Pete Townshend
Available On: Who's Next (1971)

As much as I love Zeppelin, The Who dominate the 70's hard rock scene. This is probably the most bad-ass kick-butt air-guitar karaoke-tight rock-on song ever produced. Why don't bands write music like this anymore? Oh yeah, they suck.

02: Isolation
Written By: John Lennon
Available On: Plastic Ono Band (1970)

Following in the footsteps of my #1 pick, I can actually identify with every single lyric. Lennon's ballad falls short of Nobody Home mainly because there is no creepy TV noise in the background. Almost perfect... just add TV.

01: Nobody Home
Written By: Roger Waters
Available On: The Wall (1979)

I could care less about what is going on with Pink in the album's narrative or the references to stardom. This song is basically about me. It's like Waters is spying on me from outside the window. We even have the same shoestrings.

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