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Top 5 Reviews: 90's Songs

Somehow, I avoided just making a list of the top five songs from OK Computer... Tough choice.

Top 5 1990's Songs

05) Paranoid Android

OK Computer
Written By: Radiohead
Available On: OK Computer (1997)
If this list were to continue past top five, numbers 6-16 would probably just be the remainder of the tracks from OK Computer. The album essentially made me start considering music as art rather than entertainment.

04) I Spy

Written By: Pulp
Available On: Different Class (1995)
Never before or after have I heard a song quite as wickedly mischievous as this one. COCKer's best lyrics combined with the band's most unique arrangement on Different Class makes it my favorite Pulp song.

03) Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Written By: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen, Jr.
Available On: Batman Forever (1995)
Glam rock meets violins in what I consider the best of U2's mid-life crisis music. They may be embarrased about this song today, but I still think that it is their coolest track and they've only gone downhill.

02) Geek U.S.A.

Written By: Billy Corgan
Available On: Siamese Dream (1993)
Even without the psychotic guitar solo, I have no idea how Corgan's hands are fast enough to play this song while still singing. Van Halen's eruption is basically boring compared to this.

01) Let Down

OK Computer
Written By: Radiohead
Available On: OK Computer (1997)
Due to the insane complexity of the arrangement and highly relevant lyrics, I would have to say this is the greatest song ever produced. Impossible not to get chills if you listen to it near public transportation.
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