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Announcement from a Mod

Three and a half years ago, theskooch and I were killing time during our shift at a now-defunct music store, coming up with various top five lists (e.g., "name your top five John Cusack movies", "Top Five Hitman movies", etc). Even back then, I was more committal while he didn't want to comment on things he hadn't seen. Skooch had just recently started his LJ, and was mulling over starting an LJ community, so he had a eureka moment, then went home and created this place we call topfive_reviews. I would then contribute the first list in the history of the community that night (I believe it was Top Five Colours to Use for This Community, and true to form, Skooch completely ignored all five suggestions).

The place would grow from five or so of us humouring Skooch and having fun coming up with quickie lists, to a place with almost 3000 posts, thousands of tags, and over 100 members. In that time, I feel like I've become a better writer, have found a greater attachment to music and movies as a result of my attempts to critique them and the input of those who have posted here, and "met" some interesting people on this weird place called the internet. It's been a fun ride, but one I feel I must now exit.

I recently took a two week vacation, and in that time, one post appeared here. Before that, I'd say the great majority of posts here have come from me, even if you exclude community business like T5R Survivor posts. This hasn't escaped my notice, forcing me to come to terms with the fact that the days of this being a place where different people post reviews and lists, while not yet completely over, are at least numbered. It was never my intention for this place to be another repository for my writing, since I already have a blog for that.

It isn't my intention for this to serve as a scolding for those that aren't posting. This was always a place for people who enjoyed doing it, so it's perfectly understandable if you have found another way to spend your leisure time. Just because writing reviews is still my hobby doesn't mean that it should still be yours. I also think the downturn in both posts and comments around here is indicative of the fact that LiveJournal just isn't the same place it used to be, and is no longer the favoured online hang out spot it used to be. Still, being one of the few voices around here has made me feel a bit like the guy who stays too long at the party after most everyone else has left.

So I will no longer be serving as moderator, nor will I continue to post here, but I think I'll stick around as a member to read whatever you all may continue to post here. Although I won't be posting here any longer, I still will continue to write reviews and such about pop culture (as it still remains my hobby), so on the off chance any of you were members here because you enjoyed reading my posts, feel free to friend me if you haven't already (you can check out my latest review of The Other Boleyn Girl in the process).

Other that, I bid you all adieu and thank everyone for the fun I've had here for the past 3.5 years.
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