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What is Top Five Reviews?:

Top Five Reviews (herein referred to as T5R) is a community, inspired by a book and film called High Fidelity. Essentially, posts in the community are broken down into two groups: lists and reviews (we'll get to both those in a moment). Membership is open to all, although if you choose to join, you are encouraged to participate by submitting your own lists and reviews, or simply commenting and engaging in discussion with other members.

What are the 'lists'?

Characters in High Fidelity would often share random 'top five' lists with each other, comparing, contrasting, and offering up light-natured ribbing over one another's choices. T5R encourages lists of varying sorts related to pop culture.... music, movies, books, television, sports, comics, et al are all valid topics of discussion. If you want to share your top five authors, your top five George Clooney films, or your top five sports teams, go ahead... there is a huge variety of topics open for discussion here.

Am I confined to five only?

Certainly not, although a top five list is considered the norm around here. The 'golden rule' however, insists that you rank your list in order as opposed to 'any given order'.

What are the 'reviews'?

The review part of the community name is equally important to us. Essentially, it's no different from seeing 'customer reviews' at or album reviewers at You can offer up a critical review of anything pop culture related. The style in which your reviews are written in can be anything, from a formal 'editorial' style to a list of pro's and con's to a full fledged rant... it's all about sharing your opinions, here.

What scale do I rate the reviews?

Any scale you wish to use is fine, so long as you try and stick to that scale throughout. You can use a 1-4 star system, 1-5, 1-10, 1-100, percentages, A-F grading system... Whichever tickles your fancy.

How long should a review be?

As long as you feel it should be. If you'd like to go into a thorough analysis of what you consider to be a 'classic' album, go right ahead. Likewise, if you've just seen a lousy new movie and only feel it's worth offering up a couple of paragraphs on, you're welcome to that, too. We do ask that entries longer than four paragraphs be behind an LJ-Cut.

Why LJ-Cut?

It saves space on the main page. Some people have also placed this community on their friends' page, so they would probably appreciate the cuts to save their loading times.

What about images?

You may post images in your lists or reviews. We do ask that if the image in question is LARGER than 400x by 400x it be hidden behind the LJ-cut, also for load time considerations.

What can't I post?

We encourage members to stay within the confines of the pop culture, because at it's heart, T5R is a pop culture community. Your definition of pop culture may vary, from mainstream to the obscure, and that's perfectly fine with us. What we do not encourage is the posting of inane subjects that are likely to spurn discussion rather than spur it on. Top five cat foods would not be a good subject for a list. Likewise, a review of your afternoon trainspotting really wouldn't light anyone's fire, either.

Why do this?

Because we like doing it. Because before we had even heard of the internet, we were making our own little lists for ourselves on scraps of paper or in our heads. Because we like sharing our opinions. Because, really, we're all some variant of the dork, nerd, or geek here, and we're not ashamed to admit it. This is merely our way of having fun on the intarweb.

Thanks to twistedyouth for writing this
This community is moderated by andythesaint, mikey_iaco and theskooch. Our goal isn't to have a large number of "members" that don't contribute anything other than another LJ name on our roster. If one of our mods removes you as a member, it's because you haven't contributed a comment in forever and they checked your LJ to see when you last updated.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns should be sent to:,, or
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