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Top 5 Actors T5R Has Influenced Me To Research

It's getting pretty sad when I see all these actor/actresses Top 5 Lists and I go through them and say "Ok, I've seen two of those," despite some of them being the most popular films for the year of release. So, I decided to take 5 people that seem to get a good amount of love from the community and maybe you guys can point some good movies for them.

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Andy Dreamy

Top 5 Ethan Hawke films

At the beep please leave your name, number and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man's existential dilemma and we'll get back to youSince Assault on Precinct 13 is the only 2005 movie currently reviewed here, I'll use that as an excuse to do a Top Five for the former Mr. Thurman himself. He's made a lot of arty films that no one (including me) ever saw, yet he's still a fairly big name. Strange. Me, I've only seen six movies of his, but the right six. Enough to do the list anyway. Along with Assault, other notable Hawke movies I haven't seen include Taking Lives, Tape, Hamlet, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Newton Boys, Gattaca, Alive, and White Fang.

5. Dead Poets Society (my young Ethan Hawke entry to the list. Ah, little Todd Anderson. You're so brave at the end of the movie)

4. Reality Bites (I think this movie is the reason why Ethan Hawke is famous. Troy Dyer is Mr. Gen X)

3. Training Day (Denzel got all the attention in this one, and his performance was top notch, but Hawke should also get props, since his was the harder role. Denzel got to go all out, Hawke had to do the heavy lifting in the movie)

2. Before Sunrise (one of my favourite movies, but it gets bumped to number two for no other reason then it was made in the Ethan Hawke's too-cool-for-school-Mr.-Gen-X days)

1. Before Sunset (whereas for the sequel ten years later, he has a harder job and larger transformation to make. Plus, he got an Oscar nomination for the screenplay. I feel like I'm running a small nursery with someone I used to date)

Okay, I have to go now and watch Before Sunset again.


Before Sunset (2004)

Sooooo... is your life as miserable as mine turned out to be?

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Most movie sequels exist merely to cash in on previous financial success. Before Sunset exists to cater to everyone who wondered what the hell happened six months after Before Sunrise, nine long years ago? Did Jesse meet Celine like they promised one another they would? This movie answers that question & when it ends, it leaves you with another. I believe I like this movie more than I did Before Sunrise, only because I feel I'm at that stage in my life. 5 outta 5.

Roger Ebert's review of Before Sunset (2004)

Taking Lives (2004)

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Audiences today aren't neccessarily smarter, they're just desensitized is all. Let's see, once one of the main stars dies as the villain & the movie keeps going on, are we really supposed to be surprised when someone else turns out to be the villain? Fuck, no. Adequate thriller, as long as you don't dig too deep there. I was going to go with a 3, but after the first ten minutes, I felt the movie fucked up it's potential. Especially after I saw that the director, D.J. Caruso, was the same guy that directed the fantastic Salton Sea. 2 outta 5.

Roger Ebert's review of Taking Lives (2004)